Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 7, 2018

NEED~by Odogu Morgan




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I crave not the chariots,
Neither fast cars, nor jets,
Keep the Castles and mansions,
Only knowledge I beseech,

Knowledge about the world,
It’s what’s and why’s,
It’s when and how’s,
Knowing who I am,
And purpose here.

Silver and gold I delight not,
Neither the roses, nor bouquets
Of sweet smelling flowers,
Wearing away with mortal time,
Great deal of it, moment satisfies.

Understanding I desire,
To perceive life, the art of living,
Cunning of survival, fittest surviving,
The glory of not been dead.

Give me neither friends nor foes,
Wish I knew who is who,
Nor do I wish for good or bad,
Unforeseen events founded the world,

Discernment I solicit,
To see preferences,
Playing right ball at the right time,
Picking right card at the right time,

Power and wealth entice me not,
Nor the beauty and fame,
For awhile they shine like sun,
Only to set when darkness calls.

Only wisdom to tread life’s paths,
The trickery of its narrow road,
Deception of been dead- alive

In all that’s to be acquired,
these body parts I crave:
Knowledge, a good head
Understanding, a good mind
Discernment, good eyes
Wisdom, good hands and legs

All rights reserved
@ 2018

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