Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 7, 2018

SOMEONE NEW~by Nalini Starr




She has found someone new
And it’s about high time
She has no more feelings for you 
So stop messing with her mind

She has come to her senses at last
Something she should have done a long time ago
Now you are in her past
Love for you will no longer grow

All her love she gave to you
Thinking you were the perfect one
No more wasting her love on you
With you she is completely done

She knows it is time for her to move on
And forget all about you
She realizes you are not the right one
Now that she has found someone new

She’s not rushing into a new romance at all
She is being careful and taking it slow
Foolishly again in love she doesn’t want to fall
And she is learning to let you go

She’s trying to move on with her life
She wants nothing more to do with you
Maybe finally she would become a wife
When she falls in love with her someone new.

So stop playing games with her heart
Like you used to
She wants you forever to depart
She wants to be with her someone new.

You used to make her cry so much
Now she wants you to stay out of touch
And soon her heart will heal
When she finds love that is real

She no longer wants to hear from you
And there is something you should do
Do not text and do not phone
Stop bothering he and leave her alone

You wanted her to find someone new eventually
Because with her you did not want to be
You said you loved her and she wanted to believe you
it matters no more,she has found someone new.


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