Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 17, 2018

SPRING .~by Rini Valentina




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The blue sky with white cotton clouds decorated up there
And the wind flowed gently touching the clouds that move slowly without sound
Shaping the shadows of the face that I miss in a few full moon
Well I miss him …

If you were here at this time my love
I let your fingers touch my skin with the longs we keep in the blue sky
I let your lips dance on my lips
Or I enjoy the beautiful color of your body skin in sunshine this July

My dear
Today I stand here among the thousands of flowers you plant for me
I wish sleeping in some fragrant flowers embrace tonight then I put in our room
I miss you as before when I first fell in love with you

My dear
I whisper something to the flowers of your plants
So that the fragrance is coupled with the wind flying high where you are …
So you know that I always wallow in longing for you

To the clouds and the wind that are still faithful here accompanying and waiting for me to write the longing sentences for you
I beg the fragrant of flowers and the wind that are also loyal to me
Tell him
If I never stop waiting even though the flower season has passed away ……

Borneo 17.08.2018 (06.27am)
Autor Rini Valentina

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