Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 19, 2018

HEROES~by Nalini Starr




Who is a hero,one might ask
Is it someone who performs a miraculous task
This might as well be true,don’t deny
But there is a hero inside you and I
You may be caught in a situation so dire
Maybe in a terrible fire
And without even thinking twice
You will jump in and save a life
Or you may be walking by the sea
And see someone in difficulty
And you will run in as fast as you can
And save the life of this human
And a hero you will become
For saving the life of someone.
A hero doesn’t have to be big or tough at all
a hero can be a child so small
Saving a life by just a phone call
There are many people we see in front of our eyes
But they may be heroes in disguise
Heroes may come out of nowhere
Putting their lives in danger to show that they care
Parents are heroes to their children
Doing whatever it takes to protect them
Heroes are people so very brave
Going out of their way,to protect and save
Saving people and animals ,they really care
Heroes can be seen everywhere
But the heroes we should always remember
Are the soldiers who died for their country
Near and far.
Maybe heroes are angels too.
Can be me or can be you.


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