Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 19, 2018

MONSTER~by William Thomas Fearby




There was a time when
everything I did was right
Now I lose control 
nearly every single night
I never thought that
this man could ever be
The evil monster
that lives inside of me

I never raised a fist in anger
until I first met you
I am so consumed with guilt
I don’t know what to do
You pushed and pushed
till I couldn’t take anymore
That’s why I hit you
and slammed your face into the door

I told you not to push me
and that I had a very short fuse
But you kept on goading me
with a torrent of abuse
I never wanted to hurt you,
the rage built up inside my head
All I could think about was
just how much I wanted you dead

I know you will never forgive me,
I hate what has become of me
When I see how much you are suffering
I want to set you free
But I can’t let you go I need you
to be here when I get home
I have to chain you up
because I can’t stand to be alone

If you would only listen to me
and just do as you are told
We could live a great life together
till we are grey and old
But you keep pushing my buttons
and make me see red
That’s why I beat you every night
and chain you to the bed

Why can’t you be nice to me
then I would be nice to you
You know you really love me
and I really love you too
But no all you do is abuse my trust
and mess with my head
And when you call me a bully
and a pervert all I see is red

Why did I ever marry you
you have made me what I am
I never wanted to hurt or abuse you
that was not my plan
But I can never trust you since
I caught you screwing in our bed
You filthy fucking whore
stop putting these images in my head

William T Fearby. 12/06/2018

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