Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 31, 2018

I saw a bubble~by Rachna Gupta



I saw a bubble

I saw a bubble
Floating around
A transparent rainbow
and Oh! So round..

hither and tither
It rose and fell
And almost got pricked by
A little seashell

The breeze took it further
to tease the soft petals
of those beautiful flowers
avoiding all the nettles..

all over it pranced
it floated around
it shone like a rainbow
and did a little dance

the breeze was its cushion,
and also The Hand,
that allowed it to almost
touch, a thorn? ..and then again

to move away safely
and wander around ..
amidst all the beauty
a luminous round…

rising and falling
with every windy waft
never wearying, or caring,
when the thorns were sharp

simply, like that bubble..
let the breeze take over
our hearts and minds,
to dance or to hover..

to drift or float..
over flowers, or thorns,
to shine and rotate,
over seashells, or ponds,

to rise, to plunge…
to reflect the light,
not test the wave
to not ever fight,

to let itself go..
and quietly to merge
into that same breeze
when the time comes!



  1. Great writeup!

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