Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 31, 2018

I WILL MISS YOU~by Rini Valentina




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Like the lightning during the day
I heard you pass away
There was a hurt of biting in my heart
And I still do not understand
You have left this world
Receiving the hands of the angels that will take you to the God …

It was just a like a dream in a day time
I heard you go
There was a feeling of sadness hanging in the my heart
But I understood
God loves you now
God wants to be accompanied by you with the angels

Goodbye Sir
I pray for you from here
Have a good trip …the angeles will accompany you
Until you meet the eternal heaven
Sitting beside God in His holy throne
Together with the angeles singing the song of the divine song …

Goodbye Sir …
I read your beautiful poetry touching my heart
Flowing gently with the wind that will accompany me here
Reminisce about you… that you have been with us in this world
Sharing the love with poetic languages
Sharing the peace of love to the world that often unfriendly to the heart …

Like a dream …
You have gone …
Leaving the millions of beautiful memories with loving poetry
Leaving us with millions of touches of love through the ink
Goodbye Sir …
Later we are in the same place when the time comes …

Indonesian Borneo, 08/31/2018
Author Rini Valentina
(offerings of love for Paco Ayala)

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