Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 31, 2018

The Facets Within~by Inga Harris



The Facets Within

There are many shades of me
And I hope you learn to love each one
For they all are a part of who I am
And cannot be undone
There will be shades of gray
But they are becoming few
Because of the love you have for me
Happiness i pursue with you
You’ve given me something to think about
To treasure, to inspire and give voice to
So this is my special thank you
For allowing me to stay true
I know that I can be a handful
Quite trying and complicated at times
But we both have discovered our flaws
Do not outwiegh the good inside
We both have been hurt in the past
But the past has no hold on us
For what we have was built to last
A foundation of loyalty love and trust

© Musings of an Unquiet Mind 💋 ilh
© ingaharris


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