Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 31, 2018

TWENTY-TWO MINUTES~by Ojo El-kanah Oluwatosin




On and on I walked rapidly
Amidst the beautiful lawns and flowers
Step by step I moved on happily
Towards the magnificent library.

Having no one to talk to nor play with
Hands on the rail I keep on looking
At the beautiful scenery before me
With smiles all over my innocent face.

Then I saw her coming
Beautiful as ever, in all her uniqueness
The very first time she caught my attention
A great reason for a spontaneous smile.

Those twenty-two minutes with you
Turns out to be one of my most wonderful moments
The way I feel about you
I’ve never felt for another.

Anytime those twenty-two scenic moment
Comes back replaying in my head
I smile with spontaneity
And the wind keeps whispering it’s usual aphorism
Can she ever be yours?

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