Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 2, 2018

Blood On Our Streets~by Unknown Poet

With recent events, very close to home, this is Britain & the rest of the world in 2018, lawless, carefree, hate, crimes, stabbing, shootings, rape, abuse, peadophiles, beatings, why & how have we let it come to this, cut backs on the police, no justice for criminals, court cases that fall apart, judges who let people walk, the government who turn a blind eye, cos it doesn’t affect them, where will it all end, how will it ever get sorted, who will be next, which city is going to be the next murder capital, for stabbing & shootings, welcome to the future, where law is the thing of the past, step right up & take your chances, let’s see how long we can all last. #Lawlessstreet

Blood On Our Streets

Pent up frustration,
A blade by your side,
A weapon to harm you,
You can’t run & hide,
Cuts deeper & deeper,
The more that I twist,
Cos we live by the gun & knife,
We can’t use our fist,
I’ll cover my face,
With a hoodie & mask,
I will keep you guessing,
Who I am, you will ask,
I’m a soldier on the street,
Who sells drugs & will kill,
Your life will be over,
If you grass to the old bill,
We put fear into the residents,
Who live around here,
We mug you & beat you,
If you come anywhere near,
This is our postcode,
We own this street,
We are gangster boys,
Your frightened to meet,
Whether you are young,
Or whether your old,
You are our bitches,
You do as your told,
A knife in the back,
In the darkness of night,
We own this territory around us,
So stay out of our sight,
We are the bad boys,
Who hang with a crew,
With weapons for protection,
Against other gangs like you,
The streets are dangerous places to be,
You risk your life in your own hands,
Its today’s society, as we know it now
We will draw blood, make sure you understand.

Adrian Lee Noon


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