Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 4, 2018

MYSTERY OF THE SOUL. ~by Emeka Mokeme




We are formatted
and are recycled
into different segments,
change our form 
to experience different
planes of life existence
from that one breathe
into our being.
Souls don’t die
they actually goes
back to the universe.
Absorbed back
into the divine,
the Almighty,
the God head in
the abode of heaven
where he dwells.
We are his extension
and must go back
to the universe.
Like the waters above
the earth,
beneath the earth
and on the earth,
flows as the ocean,
the sea,
the river,
the brook that meanders
and finally flows back into
the ocean.
This mystery of the soul
are like the waters trapped
inside the rocks,
some freeze like the ice,
some are free as the air,
most as steam and,
some trapped
beneath the earth,
so is all souls freed
from the earthly
tabernacle where it hides
within the cocoon,
and must end up,
reabsorbed and
contained in the
bosom of the divine spirit.
Man at the end of
everything has only
one man nature.
The same breath and
the same spirit from
the same source and
the same nature
in different bodies,
with different blood types
of the same blood from
the same source,
in different geographic
areas of different countries
with different tongues
but in resonance to
the same oneness.
So do not be like
the dead sea,
but be animated by that power
that works in you,
be alive and be
generous and useful.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.

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