Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 5, 2018

Daily missive for Wednesday the 5th of September.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Wednesday the 5th of September.

The sun strikes
In gilded streamers
Blinding, splintering
Piercingly bright
It skims off skipping stones
Skitters through
Glitterball grains of sand
Shimmering golden
Rippled with the ebb and flow
Of the sea
Undulating, shallow banks
Glistening, slicked
By aeons of persistent
Barefoot islands protruding
Erosion intruding
Saltwater seabed
Softly sifted
Riptide ribbed
A sleeping giant
A monster of the deep
Resting below the silt
Breathing in
A constant drift
In and out
The water, mirrored glass
Solid enough
To walk on
Wearing Jesus sandals
Casual onlookers
As healthy walkers
Do a sidestep
Through the lazy throng
Coffee shop tills
As families gather
On the shingle
Everything stops
For the display
A moment of silence
An intake of breath
As water spouts
A solitary tail fin
Dips and bobs
Finding fish
Before twelve disciples
Rise, synchronise
In the round
All found it is
A memorable day
For breaking bread
There are
Dolphins in the bay.

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