Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 6, 2018

A HIT OF COCAINE ,~by Deirdre Okeeffe




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So you don’t think
you have a problem ,
You believe you can cope ,
You deny your an addict ,
It’s just a little
Hit of dope ,

But You’d lie and cheat
To anyone your likely to meet ,
You’d do anything
To get that fix ,
Even wrangle to buy it
From dealers on the street ,

This evil drug has taken
Over your life
invaded your brain
Taken over your mind ,
Caused you huge
financial strain ,
This powerful powder
The deadly cocaine ,

All you want
is that hit of coke
Friends and family
Just don’t seem to matter ,
Life as you’ve known it
is just about to shatter ,

Then the Bailiff
Knocks On your door
Everything’s about to change
Your life is about
to come crumbling down ,

Your world is about
to cave in ,
Nothings ever going to be
the same again ,
You really believed
it wasn’t a problem
This all began with a little
Snort of Cocaine ,



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