Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 6, 2018

Out of Darkness Cometh Light~by Patrick Kevin O’Shea



Out of Darkness Cometh Light

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Nostalgic Wulfrunia,
Cone feature supreme.
Artistic impression,
Of time past within dreams.
Reflection with sunshine,
Transmitting silver sheen glow.
Metalclad steel postcard,
Of places we all know.
This sculpture of beauty,
Impregnated so bold.
Showing local history,
Ancient pictures unfold.
Inviting soft touches,
Upon stainless steel reel.
Gleaming beaming tapestry,
Taking in what you feel.
Freedom congregating
Beating wings from above.
Bringing light out from darkness,
In this city we all love.
Igniting strong passion,
Those researching to find.
This magnificent sculpture,
That blows creative minds.
Standing 8 metres tall
Casting light in our eyes.
Calling freedom for all
Below Wolverhampton skys.
Nostalgia in Wulfrunia,
Cone feature in gleam.
Artistic creation
Magnificent sculpture supreme …..

Poetry by
Copyright @ written by
Patrick Kevin O’Shea


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