Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 6, 2018

State of mind~by Zelda Ann Broussard



State of mind

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I close my eye’s to vision
What I’d like to see.

It’s all a state of mind
Said my subconcious.
It is what you want to believe.
Why not open your mind to it.
Why not feel the freedom of thought.

State of mind.
Your perception of how you view an particular subject.
Your way of coping with your decisions.
After all it’s your life.

State of mind.
No one can Think for you.
No one can answer questions,
Only you know the answers to.

It’s a complete state of mind!

I am dealing with logic most times.
Then there are moments when my thoughts are way out there.
You know like bizzare.

Total meditation is needed
to reel oneself back in to reality.
Yes! I am speaking of the creative brain waves,that go perpendicular to whats needed to think.

State of mind..
The true essence of one’s thougt process. The true emotion behind most decisions made,an why.

State of mind….
Close your eyes
Breathe in
Life is a ride!
Make the most of it!

State of mind…
That is what life is to me.
Make it yours!
Make it great!



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