Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 7, 2018

I am wild and free~by Nalini Starr



I am wild and free

I am wild and free
as the waves in the sea
and I’m just drifting through this land
I’ve no cares in this world
I’m just a wild country girl 
why don’t you take my hand
we’ll travel together
in all kinds of weather
and I’ll take you to places I’ve been
we’ll drift on the seas
chase the sun through the trees
and i’ll show you things
you’ve never seen
I’ll take you somewhere’
where there’s no worry,no care
to a place where we’ll be free
I’ll sing you a song
as we go along
and we’ll be together
just you and me
my heart won’t forget
the moment we met
now my drifting days will be through
we gave our hearts
to a love that will last
and we’ll stay together just me and you
we have found love
beneath the stare above
and together we both will be
with a love that is strong
and can never go wrong
and we’ll stat together
just you and me.

Nalini Starr —2016-09-06.


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