Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 7, 2018

I will never give up~by Happy Man Nyirenda



I will never give up

By Happy Man Nyirenda

I still hope
When I go up the hill
With no doubts to stop
Always courage I feel

There is something I see
Don’t drag me back
My energy, I will fee
Till I get that luck

Don’t you see there?
That there are all greatness
That can embrace
And life to live can be fair

If I get it from there
You will know why I was struggling?
And you will know why I haven’t fear?
When you see it on my hand as a ring

You ask me, until when?
To be climbing hill?
But I can’t quit it then
Suspense brings regrets of a will

Let me go to be hero
When this hill completed to zero
I will start a slope
And smiles shall flap

Never doubt if you do things
With doubt big things fail to happen
And then you will complain
While other smile, after their success

Never give up
Though day can be cloudy
And only you no anybody
Keep going with your hope


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