Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 7, 2018

NEW LOVE~by Nalini Starr




This love is new to me
As it is for you
Not too long ago 
We found each other
And we dared to be together
I never thought I could love again
After all the pain
But that was before I met you
And the love I felt in your arms
Repaired all the pain
Of past loves
And you taught me to feel again
So if I’m silent
And not too gentle
Remember this is new to me
Trying to love carefully
Trying to trust once more
Slowly opening my heart’s door
Letting you inside slowly
As your love creeps up on me
I’m trying to remember what went wrong
The last time long ago
With a love I thought was strong
And now that I have found you
I want this love to grow
So be patient and understand
If I push you away sometimes
But I will need your hand
To guide me everyday
And lead the way
On this new journey
So just bear with me
And promise me
That this new love
Is meant to be and will last till eternity.

N. Starr.


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