Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 8, 2018

CAN YOU HEAR~by Nalini Starr




Can you hear my silent cries
can you see the fear in my eyes
I am reaching out
should i scream and shout
and rant and rave
and misbehave

What would it take
for you to see
the torment inside of me
I wish I could explain
what’s going on in my brain
that is driving me insane
but no one seems to care
no one wants to hear
my troubles and pain

You look at me,see a smile on my face
but can you tell my smile is out of place
you see the laughter in my eyes
can you see that it’s a disguise
can you see that it’s a mask
but no one cares to ask

Carry on my daily tasks
as if everything is fine
but no one knows what’s on my mind
the thoughts that are driving me crazy
why can’t anyone see
but it’s hard to reveal
how i really feel
I am scared to let them out
no one will understand
what they are all about
so no more will I reach out.

Even God is dead to me
he does not hear when I call
maybe he doesn’t exist at all


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