Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 8, 2018

CANNOT GET OVER~by Nalini Starr




She still cannot get over
the loss of losing you
you are long gone
but your memory
still lives on in her mind
she cannot leave them behind
her heart still bleeds for you every day
ever since you went away
she’s trying hard to forget
but this is hard to do
her heart won’t let her
it keeps on loving you
her mind is saying yes
but her heart is saying no
it is refusing to let you go
she misses the warm feelings
when thoughts of you
made her heart soar
way up to the skies
but those feelings are no more
thoughts of you now
bring tears to her eyes
now all she feels
is a bitter sweet pain
over and over again
she wants this hurting to go away
she hates feeling this way
she wonders what she did wrong
to make you want to move on
and she cannot understand why
you left without saying goodbye.
guess she will never know
but she still loves you so.

Nalini Starr ,


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