Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 8, 2018

Still Waters~by Inga Harris



Still Waters

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On the outside there was a stillness
Quiet, seemingly cool and serene.
Then a stone gets thrown onto the glassy surface
The interruption of waves create a ripple effect
And slowly the stone hits rock bottom.

Beneath this seemingly calm surface
Was a deep underlying current
Barely holding on to the tides of the Moon.
Blessed with an unwavering Sprit,
The Moon always kept a watchful eye
Upon this tiny glassy Sea
Which seems to have been diverted
By raging storms or dammed up by more Stones restricting it’s Natural flow.
The Waters have now become restless
Reaching the point of exhausting itself.

Rejuvenation and restoration can only come From the Creator not the creation.
The make up of that tiny glassy Sea has an
Indelible imprint upon His hand
And only He knows what will bring
Those waters to fruition
And how to bring forth its
Intended destination.

There are many Mountains.
There are many Storms.
And there are many Stones in this Life.
But only one Great Spirit.
One Higher Power.
One Jehovah.
One God.

He will overturn them all.

© ingaharris
Musings of an Unquiet Mind 🌹 ilh


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