Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 9, 2018

Chocolates and the fat lady~by rldubour



Chocolates and the fat lady

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First I must apologize to whoever I offend

But, this excessive eating really had to end.

She eats all day can’t fill her, what an appetite

Plus, she eats a pound of chocolates each and every night.


There is no room for no one else, when she is on the couch

She will not move until her chocolates are completely out!

She can not walk her knees won’t hold that enormous weight.

God forbid she run out of chocolates, that’s a big mistake.


She will start with ice cream and two whole chocolate cakes.

Once someone said, “Stop eating” she just got the shakes.

She really loves her chocolates, she just wants more and more.

Don’t matter if she can’t walk, she won’t fit out the door!


I shudder at the thought if she should pass one night.

How will they get her out? Won’t be a pretty sight.

She will have those chocolates held tightly in her arms.

They will have to rent a crane from the local farm.


And put her in a harness and cut a large whole in the top.

Then get the crane and pull her out and pray that she won’t drop!

She won’t fit in a hearse they will have to rent a flat bed truck.

If people ask they will just say, “That she ate too much.”

On her stone one can read the inscription of her fate.

“My love for chocolates put me here, which is no mistake!”

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