Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 9, 2018

PATHS~by Renáta Császár



by Renáta Császár

The sadness of sunsets has fallen to Earth
mild winds are praying for another rebirth
the darkness of the river has spread its wings
serious stars play strict tunes on its strings
only a lost blackbird cries time to time
mocking the silence of night’s lawful crime
foretelling cold drifts of whispering autumn
recalling screams from the waving bottom

The river is velvet and soft is its sound
go home now it says, empty your mind
don’t wait till the night hugs you forever
leave darkness behind, let yourself recover
by lights of hope and intruding people
sent by God and other cunning Weavers
who want you grow and listen to your prayers
and dance like lights on your butterfly hairs

There’s place for you and there’s place for wonders
there’s place for love and there’s place for others
there’s space for everything, nothing is excluded
and in the fix place of strings you must be included…
harking to the message of poplar leaves’ songs
I balance to the moon on the wings of swans
longing for the orange disappearing sun
to light my path in this hit and run fun

Renáta Császár

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