Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 9, 2018

SUMMER RAIN~by Nalini Starr




A single drop fell on the coconut tree
Another on the galvanized roof
A gentle sound at first
Then the clouds burst
And the torrents came down
Like millions of diamonds
Shimmering in the sun
Which was still shining through the downpour
The rain hitting the tin roof
Like the sound of a drum
The wind blowing fiercely
The coconut trees
Swaying in the breeze
The gutters filling up
The drains overflowing
The rain on the hot asphalt
Steam rising
The smell overpowering
A pleasant scent to me
Reminds me of the life in my country
Children jumping in the potholes in the street
Laughing and having fun
No shoes on their feet
Rainfilled puddles
Some so deep
I used to walk in the heavy shower
Never carrying an umbrella
Not caring to take cover
Summer rain may last for hours
And after the rain
The earth will be refreshed once again


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