Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 11, 2018

I don’t want fame ~by Bijoy Bhakat



I don’t want fame

I don’t want fame
Don’t want stardom..
I don’t want wealth
Don’t want kingdom

Only ..

I want the freedom
I want to get free..
Like the cloud
Like the tree..

That’s why…

Let me fly
Let me fly..
Along with the bee
Along with the butterfly..

Let me float
Let me float..
With the ship
With the boat..

Let me walk
Let me walk..
Like the goose
Like the duck..

Let me dance
Let me dance..
Like hip hop
Like cancan…

Let me love
Let me love..
Like the parrot
Like the dove..

Let me shine
Let me shine..
Like the diamond
In deep coal mine..

Let me sip
Let me sip ..
The wine from your lips
The honey from your lips..

Let me wish
Let me wish..
Your passionate hug
Your passionate kiss…

Copyright @ Bijoy Bhakat


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