Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 11, 2018

Love sees no colors~by Nalini Starr



Love sees no colors

Love sees no colors
Love sees no race
sometimes love
can put your heart
in the wrong place

Love has no gender
Love does not discriminate
sometimes love
does not hesitate
head over heels you fall
for someone you just met

Love at first sight
how does it feel
can you really tell
if your feelings are real
do you know how long it will last
by falling in love so fast?

They say love is blind
faults one cannot find
red flags may be flying high
but one refuses to see
the heart wants what it wants
falling in love blindly.

But love can be beautiful
and lasts forever
when two hearts come together
love that was meant to be
until eternity
finding a soulmate
by the act of fate.


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