Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 11, 2018

“MY DEARLY UNREST” ~by Martin Gedge



POEM “MY DEARLY UNREST” by martin gedge

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Oh guardian knight
darkest fear of my dearly unrest
what wicked temps to soak my veins
and to leech off the skin such sour tastes
as mine
you see it in my thick of blood
that I shall break from what you gather is good
and I to bite the hand
and devour the riches of
oh so much lust !!
is this wretched world at its’ knees yet?
they shall beg and plead for my forgiveness
turn your empty faces to my bleeding eyes you fools
and follow me through the pits of sorrow
and we’ll wake this god
and feed at the glorious table
you may not like what is evil in me
withered and torn but
strength enough to keep you down
death rivers to flow
simply pebbles in a stones army
weak and helpless
I pity you
you know the devil sees you to bed
where light goes to sleep
and blackness closes your eyes
shadows to trick and demons to pick
I beg to you with all content sky of wonderous
beauty and ill
to deliver me at once
let me gloat in all that mercy waits
I will meet you on the hill
to sit and ponder
fist to chin
and savor the deadly air
I have waited long enough for you see
such anger to set loose
to take the horns of this thorny crown
to wear upon this chest
all that is pain will rain the clouds
and burn in the fire of fields
unleash the gods onto the wake
and we will have our just….

by martin gedge©


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