Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 11, 2018

ONLINE~by Piya Ghosh

Inspired by Sonia Batra’s poem…



Life is drudgery, a constant monotony,
Their relationship is nearly over;
Pep up her life with sugar and spice,
Be her virtual, online lover.

It may start with good morning, good night,
Hi,hello,how do you do;
Proceeding to sharing jokes and smiles,
And unfurling its true hue.

From a casual fling, it may turn passionate,
With an underlying craziness;
Who really cares for an ugly, boring spouse,
In a marriage colourless and loveless?

It may turn devastatingly sexy,
With messages and texts naughty;
Seducing the mind and heart totally,
With pictures and videos dirty.

This dangerous love game may continue,
Till a point of no return;
When it becomes a serious love affair,
Causing heartache and heartburn.

Piya Ghosh~ 11-9-18


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