Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 11, 2018

The Enigmatic lady~by Harsha Navalkar



The Enigmatic lady

the enigmatic lady harsha navalkar poems
And I saw an enigmatic lady
Searching for a place bit shady.

Her face full of wrinkles
Draped in white saree having crinkles.

Wandering around the street
Walking lonely with bare feet.

Eventually, she sat opposite to the Gateway
In the scorching sun of May.

Sweat and tears trickling down
Her face had a little frown.

She opened her umbrella as an aid
That provided her enough shade.

She had wore a big round edge spectacle
And began eating her food that looked delectable.

She finished her meal
Without any zeal.

She was in the state of solitude
As if she was never valued.

She looked, at her hands with joints ,crumpled
In her mind, she moaned and murmured.

It seems ,she blamed her destiny
For not being glimmery and satiny.

She had suffered enough strife
And wanted to get rid of the distressed life.

Let’s pray, her future life be full of contentment
So that she forgets all her resentment.

©Harsha Navalkar

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