Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 12, 2018

I MISS YOUR HUG ~by Rini Valentina




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You might never believe in me
The voice of my heart that I feel about you
The shouting of my lips that always call your name 
You might be smiled doubtfully
Could it be ?

I miss being in your arms
I dream your body embraces me with your love
Expel my cold and lonely
And now I’m realize getting doubt of you
Could there be love from your lips for me ?

When the night is quiet and cold shrouds around
Your shadow is present disturbing my heart
Teasing me
Even though I’m learning how to forget you
I don’t want to be drowned in my dream.

I hope
Don’t push my heart that don’t want be hurted by you
Don’t take me flying higher then you drop it again
I don’t want to be sick and hurt because of loneliness
I beg you to go away ….

I realize what is hidden in my soul
I can’t lie to my heart that I’m attracted to you
Even it’s hard to throw you from my life
Because your smile has healed past my wounds
And I always miss your warm hug …

Indonesian Borneo, 12 September 2018
Autor Rini Valentina
@ copyright


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