Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 12, 2018

STRIPPED~by Nalini Starr




I opened up myself to you
Stripping myself
Piece by piece
Myself I released
My mind,my soul
My heart,my body
My very core
What else can I give
I have no more
My mind,so sound
You turned it into a playground
Playing twisted games
Which you enjoyed
You played with my mind
Like a toy
My soul,I bared all to you
And what did you do
You left me empty,raw
You emptied my very core
My heart
Which I kept enclosed
Behind a wall
You pounded at it
And made me fall
So hard for you
And what did you do
You took it and broke it in two
My body
I gave it all to you
My innocence,my virtue
To use at will
Your urges to fulfill
You couldn’t get enough of me
And I let you use it repeatedly
But I didn’t mind
I thought you were mine
And we would be together forever
But suddenly you left
And it was all over
You took everything from me
Leaving me tormented,empty
Stripped of my dignity.

N. Starr .


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