Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 13, 2018





I am standing at the crossroads
Of my troubled lonely life
One road leads me to disaster
The other leads to more strife

I know if I take the wrong road
There is no going back
My life is full of indecision
My hopes are looking black

I never thought it would be this hard
Traveling down lifes highway
Always looking over your shoulder
Not knowing whether to go or stay

And when you reach your destiny
You don’t know what you will find
You seem to have travelled backwards
Why are you playing with my mind

Oh why can’t life be more simple
I really don’t understand
They say that a bird in a bush
Is worth two in your hand

But all my birds have flown away
Leaving me standing here alone
Please can someone help me
I can’t find my way home

So I am standing here and waiting
And hoping someone will come
But as I stand at the crossroads
I feel my body going numb

No one is coming to help me
My bodies giving up on me
I should have stayed at home in bed
At least there l was free

My life is such a tangled mess
I can’t see any way out
But then I hear the doctor say
I’m hear now there’s,no need to shout

thank you so much doctor
I feel so much safer now I’m here inside
standing out there at the crossroads
I’m sure I nearly died

william t fearby 01/04/2015
(C)@william t Fearby

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