Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 13, 2018

TAKE ME BACK~by Yusra Anees




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Take me back to the time
Singing poems and nursery rhymes.
When stories of ghost made us cry
Mummy would sing a sweet lullaby.
When cartoons were our only fantasy
We lived in a world of ecstasy.
When Papa took us to the festive fair
Bought us candy, chocolate and eclairs.
When it was fun to go to school
Coz Baba black sheep had so much wool.
When we would play, laugh and sleep for hours
Dream about castles and fancy cars.
When we fell down and shed a tear
Mother would embrace us and shower her care.
When teacher gave us a star on hand
Among the classmates, it made us grand.
When we wished we had some wings
To fly away and grab the swing.
When we had innocent smile and twinkling eyes
Zealous, happy, but small in size.
When we didn’t know we would grow up fast
And all the mischief wouldn’t forever last.
But now I wish to go back to that time
Singing poems and nursery rhymes.

~ Yusra

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