Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 14, 2018

DEATH~by Nalini Starr




Death, she’s hovering nearby
i can see her in my mind’s eye
she’s waiting impatiently
for me to die
Death, she knows my thoughts
she reads my mind
she knows I want
to leave this life behind
she plays havoc with my mind
telling me she would be kind
Death, she knows
i am living in hell
and my life is a waste
she wants me to make haste
she wants to take me
to a better place
she is pulling me closer
to the brink
i cannot hear myself think
her welcoming laughter
is bidding me
come on, die already
I am at a lost
should i go, or should I stay
and face my demons everyday
Death, she is so tempting
I can feel myself giving in
I can see my life
passing me by
but I must try desperately
to break this hold
death has over me
I cannot let her win
I must not give in
I am not ready to follow her
I will stay here instesd
and chase the demons
out of my head
and try to embrace life again
death cannot remain
in my head no more
she has to go
of this I am sure
Death,I am not ready for you
I have so much things to do
I have to start living my life all over
and try to make it better
Death. when my life is through
then I will welcome you.
by Nalini Starr
2016-03 30.

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