Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 14, 2018

JEALOUSY~by Nalini Starr




That green eyed monster
showing its face
rearing its head
all over the place
Evil look in its eyes
the one that may kill
I bet if it could
I am sure it will
The claws are coming out
the knife at your back
you better watch out
it is ready to attack
That bitter tongue
spreading rumors and lies
the ones you believe in
may be haters in disguise
Jealousy can make you bitter
and play with your mind
it can turn you from nice
to being unkind
It can tarnish your name
with its silvery tongue
from friends you thought
could never do you wrong
It can consume your mind
you cannot think straight
it can make love
turn into hate
It can turn friends into enemies
and make them hate each other
can tear families apart
instead of sticking together
This feeling of jealousy
is a very bad thing
Don’t let it consume you
Don’t let it win
This green eyed monster
make it go away
Don’t listen to whatever
it has to stay
That green eyed monster
that’s lying low
don’t give him a chance
don’t let him grow
He’s waiting to come alive
and put bad thoughts in your head
kill him with your mind
make sure he is dead.


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