Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 14, 2018

YOU’VE GONE~by Nalini Starr




My tears are falling
slowly down my face
I’m trying to smile through it
but my smile is out of place
I watch you walking away
without a backward glance
i did not know what to say
i wanted to run to you
but i didn’t want
to take another chance
I’m blinded by my tears
till I can’t see you anymore
my heart is bleeding
as I fall to the floor
thoughts are running
through my head
what did I do
what did I say
to make you
leave me this way
what could i have done
to make you stay
wasn’t my love good
enough for you
i gave you my love
i gave you my heart
I did everything
you wanted me to
but you still wanted to leave
and i still cannot believe
and i don’t know why
you walked away
without saying goodbye
You are gone ,and I am at a lost
whom do I turn to
Whom do I trust
You are gone, and I have to accept
and pretend we never met
maybe there will come a time
when I will see
that you were not
meant for me
but until then
I will cherish the memories
you left behind
and you will forever be
in my mind.

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