Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 17, 2018

CRAWL~by Nalini Starr




Crawl into my mind
What do you see
Memories of you and me
Embedded there
Buried deeply
Can you see them
Like a movie

Crawl into my head
What do you see
An image of you and me
Dancing in every corner
Do you remember
When we were together
How it used to be

Crawl into my heart
What do you see
Something shattered and bleeding
As if it was dying
Do you see the pain and agony
That you left inside of me

Crawl into my soul
What do you see
Do you see demons, angels
Can you tell
What can they be
Or is it empty
Just like I felt
When you left me

You were there
Crawling all over me
Mind, soul, heart
Every inch of my body
You got under my skin
When I let you in
But my love was too binding
You couldn’t give in
You decided to crawl away
You crawled out slowly
Leaving every part of me empty
Oh how I wish I could keep you with me.
Nalini Starr
@ All Rights Reserved

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