Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 17, 2018

” CRAZY LOVE ” ~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” CRAZY LOVE ” by martin gedge

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Love is such a crazy thing
that skips your heart a beat
and everlasting changing tune
a shuffle in your feet
a dance that makes you lose control
and fools the likes in kind
and plays the strings like violins
in the cellos of your mind
a whisper sweet as candy floss
a gloss on perfect lips
a feeling fresh like breathing new
and like the back she flips
a lovers fuse like dynamite
and just as hot to touch
you want to tell the living world
it’s well within your clutch
a lucky 7 on the dice
a clover counting four
like a ship lost at sea
but finally reaching shore
a trip around the brightest moon
a wish upon a star
you open eyes to realize
shes standing where you are
you pinch yourself wide awake
you can’t believe it’s true
to think that I would ever try
to share this dance with you
your lost for words and timid shy
your hands begin to sweat
a blushing face and in haste
you fumble and forget
it’s nothing new when you go through
the things that make you real
but now she knows just how it goes
when you show her how you feel….

by martin gedge©

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