Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 17, 2018

Intelligence and Insanity~by Christopher Sonti Mothiba



Intelligence and Insanity

When intelligent over flows,
And logic ones only expression,
Emotions are just an uncontrollable rage,
Of fire that cloud clear thought to seek logic.

Like a fish drowning on sand,
Sanity is a myth that drowns Intelligence,
And suffocate creativity in a cloud,
At the depth of a breathless ocean.

Only those with less of a mind,
Sanctions a thought that exploit
What they can’t explain in a breath,
Of were binoculars of their imagination can’t see.

Invoked like a story of a legend,
Insanity is the brand that intelligent,
Embraces as stupidity is what,
They, themselves fear to label.

Insanity, insanity, insanity, oh…. Insanity,
Those who dwell on a continent of sane,
Segregated themselves to a wealth,
Of creativity as in sane, insanity is misunderstood.

Intelligence and Insanity a balance,
On an un-crafted law drawn,
And painted on those that seeks,
Deeper meaning to the depth of human existence.

Intelligent inventions corner to,
The word useless and baseless existence,
For only the court of time to,
Rule in favour of insanity.

Labour on Robin Island of insanity,
Over flow to find this deeper meaning,
Thought sees not insults of those,
Who barks from the shadows without faces.

Sanity and insanity, stupidity and intelligence,
Soul mates to be mourned as one,
Friends to rage in coexistence,
Only to be buried as one.

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