Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 19, 2018

If ever~by Fred Tunks



If ever

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If I ever had a chance
to love you girl,
your life would never
be the same!
I’ll be the sunshine in the
mornings sneeking
through the window panes!
I’d offer you something
new and special
each and every

Always leaving you with
a kiss or two to you go
along your way.

I would offer to get your coat
my love and open your every
door! And be the kind of
gentleman you’ve only
heard about before.

I’d listen to your troubles girl,
Help you work towards
your dreams!

Offer you alternative
solutions when you’ve
exhausted other
I’d rub your aching feet
at night and sing you
a lullaby

Take you for long
romantic walks at
night beneath a
beautiful star
lit sky!!

I’d be the sugar inside
your coffee dear, and
the honey inside your

Everything you’ve
ever wished for
the answer to all
your prayers!

Everything that brings
laughter and puts
a smile on your

To be everything for
you my love ,
for you,
that’s what
I’d be!


© frederickgtunks

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