Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 19, 2018

Oh dear..~by Bijoy Bhakat



Oh dear..

I can paint your World
I can decorate your galaxy..
I can adorn your Milky Way 
I can embellish your Black Sea..

With my blood
With my tear..
In different shades
With different colours..

Oh sweetheart..

I can engulf
I can submerge..
I can shower
I can flood..

Your life
Your goal..
Your heart
Your soul..

With joy, with pleasure
With glee, with rapture..

With happiness, with jubilation
With gaiety, with elation..

With merrymaking
With fantasy..
With fun
With ecstasy..

Endlessly and limitlessly
Unfailing and undyingly ..

Boundlessly and spontaneously
Voluntarily and impulsively..

Copyright @ Bijoy Bhakat

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