Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 20, 2018

Daily missive for Thursday the 20th of September.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Thursday the 20th of September.

Oh London
Was there ever a time
Before the dead were carried
Out to lie on wheelbarrows
Picked by carrion
Waiting for the fire
To sweep the filth away
That a canary sang on the wharf
The Isle really was filled with dogs
An island
Before the oxbow
In the wild days
There used to be a river Fleet
It lies beneath a street
Where yesterday’s news
Was reported before
Fakery was a photoshop
In a bakery around the corner
The fire began
So much of the old town
Burned down
To the ground where last night’s
Mess lay steaming
Thrown from a top floor window
Teeming into the street
When sewer rats
Lived in the overflow
Bloated bodies
Were tossed into the Thames
To be dragged out
By the undertow
Into the silt off the coast
Of Sheppey
A cannon shot from Chattam
Where the ghosts of old matelots
Are still to be heard
Singing shanties
Outside night clubs
Revellers rock and roll
On a midnight stroll
In bra and panties
It is a youth movement
Soft skin is not a crime
Was there ever a time
Before the new model army
When London was a quiet place
With horses walking at
A stately pace
Quicker by far
Than a journey by car
In the City
Was it ever this busy
Lively and pretty
Was it ever
This good before sewers
Professional buskers
And the Victoria Line.

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