Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 22, 2018

Disregard, What was just said~by rldubour



Disregard, What was just said

Image result for Judge Disregard, What was just said

Is it really ok?

To disregard what you just heard.

If one did not mean it

Then way did they speak the words?


I guess everyone should think before

Of what they’re going to speak.

If aimed at you, erase those words

And turn the other cheek.


Sometimes I like to listen

To what everyone has to say.

And I sit in wonder,

Did I hear it come out that way?


Now I have to take a magic pill

To erase what’s in my head.

Because I was told to disregard

Everything that person said!


As for me, it makes me think a whole lot more.

Of the words just said and what they said it for?

Almost like an accident unfold before your eyes.

Was it said to be the truth? Or said to be a lie?


Doesn’t it just amaze you?

When a judge speaks and turns his head.

Now the jury will disregard

Everything that person said!


I think that I will try this

Next time I think out loud.

Please disregard what I just said

My head was in the clouds.


I wonder if that phrase would work

And keep me out of trouble?

Nay! Knowing me

My troubles would just be doubled!


Or, if I am really guilty

Of something that I might have done.

Should I just get up and say

I am confessing to everyone!


Then finish off with those few words,

As I turn my head.

And be forgiven because they heard,

“Disregard what I just said!”

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