Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 23, 2018

PEACE~by Saroj K Padhi




Image may contain: cloud, bird and sky

Give me a few words dear God,
to write about peace that eludes us here
at a time when tears dry up in mythical dove’s eye
in shade of its dark lashes as it’s unable to fly,
and smokes rise–
from corrugated chimneys of fake progress
blurring the destiny of mankind in distress–
to join the vague clouds of an accursed sky
for a few bouts of acid rain,
when fanatics freely engage in homicide
as if in a bid to strip life of intolerable pain;
destroying common conscience in broad day light
in the clamour of daily fight,
breaking the blocks of our big dream
into million miserable pieces,
making a cruel mockery of our little wishes—
to love, live and die happily as birds–
and of our desire at death–
of sorrow to leave no traces !

Give me those words that can transform us
into the mosaic floor of a togetherness;
in a world torn by poverty, disease and squalor,
just an easy breathing space
without the mad pursuit of so-called success.


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