Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 25, 2018

Your secret garden~by rldubour



Your secret garden

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The waves of the ocean as they wash ashore.

Serenity of peace, could you ask for more?

Could there be another place where peace of mind can bring?

Like walking through the garden, to think of joyous things.


Better yet, a secret garden, where one can lose all thought.

Or your life before you and everything it has brought.

Of all of your tomorrows along with the unknown.

Of your friends and family and the house you call home.


A place to get away where only you find.

A place where different thoughts flow in and out of mind.

The beauty of the garden that gives its secret glow.

As you sit and meditate, a place where you just know.


A place to sit in deep thought, a place to relax.

Yours alone, this secret garden was out in the back.

They say we all have angels, yours must be waiting there.

Waiting in your secret garden with memories to share.


As each day brings the sun to help your garden grow.

Much like you, giving to all that special glow.

Everyone should have a secret garden where they can go.

And let their angel share with them, what you already know.


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