Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 26, 2018

Daily missive for Wednesday the 26th of September.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Wednesday the 26th of September.

She would quote Kandinsky
Follow his journey in
Parallel lines,
Laugh with joy
In front of Rothko
Saw more than a
Splash in a Pollack
Understood the meaning
Of the head on a plate
A Caravaggio
The child at the feet
Peeping out from under
The principal sitter’s skirt
The light cast on the wrong side
Of paradise
She stuck out a tongue
Whilst eating ice-cream
Teared up to a sad film
Sang along to Abba
Not always in tune
Partied in Ibiza
Dancing up a storm
In the moonlight
Waited for shooting stars
Half the night
Pointing out Mars
Before feeling the cold
Laughed at a joke
Before it was told
A dirty filthy belly laugh
That could not be ignored
I could spend an
Eternity with her
And never be bored
A gift to the world
The love of my life
A mother
A lover
A wife.


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