Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 26, 2018

THE BIPOLAR LOVE~by Rini Valentina




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The love never touches you
Your love is never present in the heart for me
Because your love is only an obsession with the changing time
Your love is just like the water which passing by without any permission
Leaving the damaging of abstract wounds
And do you know how to restore it as before?

My questions are like nuts that you chew and then you swallow
My question is like a loaf of bread that serves you every morning
Or is it like a cup of coffee?
Only you know the description of this love
Only you understand why your love is like morning dew coming and going as you please
And do you know how to turn around every second of the time recorded on the LP?

If the ants respond when your feet occupy their space and time
Or if the worms demonstrate against a teaser horde
Why do I have to be quiet?
It is enough that all the emotions that flutter like hot volcanic lava
There is enough roar of rain that you sow in the dry of the season time like this
I’m tired of walking along the edge of a railroad that I’ve never met where it will stop!

Your love is just like two north and south poles
Can change like a chameleon in a tree
Or change like a monsoon
Leaving phobi
Damaging my old soul because of old age!

Your feeling for me its just like a bipolar piece of love
Your feeling isn’t love!
Your feeling is just like an illustration of the past that becomes your hobby!
And I don’t want to be a complement of the happy sentences that you pack neatly in your heart language!
I have to go even though the blizzard is still waiting to damage my eyes running away from you!

Indonesian Borneo, September 26, 2018 (17.18 pm)
Rini Valentina


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