Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 4, 2018

Daily missive for Thursday the 4th of October.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Thursday the 4th of October.

I can swap stories
With strangers
Changing opinions 
Across the flow
Of conversation
Restating a position
Re-affirming resolution
To make a sound
A definitive exposition
As the narrative expands
With additional information
Presenting an opportunity
To develop
An alternative
Of my stance
Alter perspective
Respond to invective
With a shrug
Go with the flow
Or move along
It is a choice
To listen or give voice
Internalise and take stock
It is an endearing trait
To avoid
Recourse to abuse
Resist the temptation to mock
I can give heart
And be generous
Not mealy mouthed
Mean spirited or unkind
But what I can never do
Is change my mind
It is the only
One I have
It is my own identity
It is what puts the me
In he
Without it what or who
Would I be
I can swap stories
Turn tables
But not change


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