Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 4, 2018

“OUR HOPE”~by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole



_______________”OUR HOPE”________________

Our hope is growing like the baobab tree
Making us healthier, bigger and better be
A hopeful light of lighting a true treasure
Making our life be in bliss of no measure

Our hope is loftily receiving the blessings
Rising our life through the aplomb songs
Bestowing a power on our way of gleam
Kindly & placidly help to move our dream

Our hope is strongly standing on the glory
Feeding our mind with the themes of holy
Evincing a flawless protection to our bliss
Chasing the obstacles cause the sadness

Our hope is freely hugging the above story
Modifying our living from afflictive history
Gleaming every our works so assiduously
Promoting our steps of future so brightly

Our hope is splendiferously fly in the sky
Planting on us a gorgeously genuine joy
Baking the fecund clouds of golden rain
On us it washing away all things of pain

Our hope is smartly walking on destination
Teaching many deeply things thru precation
Precation of giving us the spirit of endurance
Making our desirousness be greater in poignance


Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole


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