Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 8, 2018

FRONTLINE ACTION ON COAL~by Michael Gerard Collins




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You make of yourself a target
When you attack the good
You do not take a stand
When you know you really should

There is an open window
But it is closing fast
Best prepare for the worst
These ‘great days’ will not last!

You shout and scream and criticise
Try to still our voice
But the songs continue through the night
Soon there will be no choice

From those who shine a light
To those inclined to follow
Laws of the land we break today
Do not serve tomorrow

So look again my friend
While you have the chance
Follow close, learn the steps
It is a brand new dance!

This is a necessary resistance
You could call it a war- of sorts
And battles fought here shall be won
Over time, inside the courts.

Now in these unholy days
Be not afraid to raise your hand
You are not alone on the Frontline
I hope you understand:

This peaceful uprising
This current moral crusade
Knows the blessing of Forever…

No- be not afraid


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